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How do you succeed in the foreign exchange market?
On the subject of loss, the influence of the psychological factor on the trader is shown. Whoever has the ability to control his feelings will be able to make meaningful trading decisions and deal with market conditions, whatever they may be. The easiest way to lose capital and trading account at a time of bad mood.
What are the types of traders in the financial markets according to the psychological factor?
The trader who trades money is not his money, the trader is inexperienced, and the avid trader with reckless experience. Learn about other types of traders by how they behave in the money market.
What are the most important causes of loss in the foreign currency market?
The most important causes of loss in the Forex market include ignorance and insufficient experience with the nature of global financial markets and the ways to resolve them, in addition to greed and trading in times of psychological tension.
How can I avoid loss in the Forex market?Learn the basics of the Forex market, how it works, and its various methods of analysis. In addition to adhering to trading orders such as stop loss and take profits, one of the most important ways to avoid loss in Forex. Learn how to avoid losses in the Forex market.
How to deal with the loss in the Forex market if it occurred?The matter here is relative and the ways to deal with each case is different from the other case. For example, there is a difference depending on the size of the leverage. Dealing in the case of small leverage differs from dealing in the case of large leverage.
Which is better, technical analysis or fundamental analysis in the financial markets and the Forex market?It is not possible to say that one is superior to the other, as both are important and the two types should be used when analyzing financial markets. The prices of financial assets move in certain ranges according to the principles and methods of technical analysis. At the same time, prices and their movements are affected by general economic conditions and the results of economic indicators.
Who is a successful trader in the foreign exchange market?A trader with enough experience in the foreign exchange trading markets. Successful traders have self-confidence not up to vanity. They are also characterized by patience and do not enter into deals haphazardly, but wait for the completion of the terms of the deal and choose the appropriate entry and exit point, gold trade, metal trade, oil trade.